Should you join a monthly vitamin autoship program?

I heard recently that over half of Americans take vitamins every day. Although it’s a controversial subject, I fall into the category of people who believe that supplements can’t hurt, and might just do your body a lot of good. If you happen to live a busy life (who doesn’t?) then you already know it can be hard to eat healthy every single day. Popping a multivitamin in the morning is a quick, easy way to ensure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs.

vitaminsI purchase my vitamins online from Pureformulas, which is one of my favorite stores because it offers good products at reduced prices. I also like to useĀ  a Pureformulas coupon to get an even bigger discount. A Pureformulas coupon is simply a code that you use to get a percentage off your purchase. You can get them from many different health sites and they are usually quite easy to find.

Ordering vitamins online is a great way to get a good deal, but one problem is remembering to place orders before you run out. It’s something you could easily overlook, and I’ve done it many times myself. One thing you could do is join an autoship program. By joining such a program, a vendor such as Pureformulas will automatically ship you monthly vitamins to you.

One potential problem is that you might not need an extra bottle every month. Some bottle may last you 2 months, while others will last you 20 days. For this reason, I usually put a couple products on autoship, but then place additional orders for other items. It’s kind of a hassle any way you do it, but I suppose it’s the price one must pay if they want to get vitamins at a discounted price.

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